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Please follow the following instructions on how to Apply!!!

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3. Come to our office Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday at Eseltop Bldg, Marcos Hi way Antipolo. In front of Merriam Funeral House.

4. Watch our Video for more information.

What you should know before you come

1. Walk in applicants are our priority, we do not entertain emailed resumes or txt’s UNLESS we specifically request it (Speciality jobs), We consider it a time waster

2. All of our staff work at our Emerald Ave, Ortigas office.

3. We only hire full time in office agents. (No part time or work at home accepted)

4. You must be of legal age.

5. You must have excellent English to apply

6. Successful non experienced agents will be offered a trainee allowance

7. 90% of our recruitment are for day time Solar Panel Lead Generation for Australia shift

8. We do lead generation or Appointment setting “No Sales”

9. All applicants are not allowed to enter our office without ID or Resume/ Bio

10. Non Experience to low Experience will be offered a daily allowance

11. Medium Experience to High experience will be offered from 12,000 to 20,000php salary per month

12. All Salaries will include Punctuation Pay and 6 Day work bonuses in totals

13. New recruits must qualify for a minimum working days to receive payment of 1st salary.

14. All Solar appointment setters can earn upto and beyond 56,000php in commissions based on our 500php per appointment commission Matrix (See Below)

15.  Average 1 SPD = 13,000 Mth
  Average 1.5 SPD = 19,500 Mth
  Average 2 SPD = 26,000 Mth
  Average 2.5 SPD = 32,500 Mth
  Average 3 SPD = 39,000 Mth
  Average 3.5 SPD = 45,500 Mth
  Average 4 SPD = 52,000 Mth

16. Non-qualified/ Rejected appointments will be deducted from next payroll period. This is based on Salary OR Commission whatever is the highest.